Getting Started

Quick Start

In order to start executing transactions and collecting payments from your users, you will need to:

  1. Register for a free account if you didn't do so.
  2. Choose Redirect API (PCI SAQ A, do not process or store cardholder data) or Direct API (PCI SAQ D, process or store cardholder data).
  3. Follow API instruction for sucessful integration. You can copy TEST ID from your Merchant Backoffice and go to SandBox to test your transcations.
  4. To move from TEST to LIVE environment change from TEST URL to LIVE URL and repleace TEST API Credentials with LIVE API Credentials.


PaySpeedo is a service that allows you to securely store credit cards and use them to transact against any number of payment gateways and third party APIs. It does this by simultaneously providing a card tokenization/vault service as well as a gateway and receiver integration service. Payment methods tokenized by PaySpeedo are stored at PaySpeedo, allowing you to independently store a card and then pass that card to different end points based on your business requirements. We refer to the ability to use a PaySpeedo token against multiple gateways/end points as “universal tokenization”.